Yuri Mikhalkov (Юрий Михалков) is the Russian member of the Debris team. His motivation is to eliminate accidents caused by debris.[1]


Calm, stoic, kind and compassionate, Yuri often acts as the level head of the group. Several years before Ai joined Debris Section, he and his wife were in a low-orbit craft traveling to England when a small bolt slammed into one of the ship's windows at high velocity, causing the plane to depressurize and make an emergency landing. Many died in the highly publicized incident, including Yuri's wife, who was never found. The incident and Yuri's desire to recover his wife's lost keepsake, a compass she wore around her neck, drives him to collect more debris.



In March, he graduated from Moscow State University's Department of Human Sciences.[1]


In March, he acquired his postgraduate degree from the Department of Human Sciences; a PhD in Biological Behavior.[1]


In March, he graduated from the School of Applied Science. Immediately afterwards in April, he joined Technora's Space Materials Development Department.[1]


In September he was transferred to Debris Section on the ISPV 7.[1]


In December, he acquired his Special EVA skills license and light aerospace craft pilot license.[1]


By the time Ai joined Debris Section, Yuri became responsible for looking after the ISPV 7's resident animals.[2] Gigalt apparently gave Yuri a nickname, though it is as of yet unknown.


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