The Lunar Flying Squirrels is the 6th episode of the science fiction television series Planetes (Anime). It was aired in Japan on November 1, 2003.


On Hachimaki and Tanabe's visit to the Moon, they meet Tanabe's neighbours… a group of wannabe ninjas who perform ninja techniques through the Moon's lower gravity.

In the World

  • Japan: Tsuki no Musasabi (月のムササビ)
  • Catalonia: Els esquirols voladors de la lluna
  • France: Les écureuils lunaires
  • Germany: Die Mond-Eichhörnchen
  • Italy: Scoiattolo lunare volante
  • Portugal: Esquilos voadores na Lua
  • Spain: Ardillas voladoras en la luna
  • Teremedó: Askirols ke volan ne Ṭ1 Luna