"I don't really want to live on Earth, I just wanna see it once, that's all. This is the place that I call home!" - Nono, in "Extraterrestrial Girl"

Nono is a character from the Planetes television series. She is a Lunarian, a person born on the Moon. Having lived her entire life on the Moon, Nono's physiology has been dramatically impacted by the effects of lunar gravity. Most notably, her extreme height gives her the appearance of being a fully developed adult, despite being only twelve.



Nono and Hachimaki.

Nono is a twelve-year-old girl who, along with three other Lunarians, were constantly examined as part of a study on the effect of being born and raised on the Moon. While being studied at the Mare Tranquilitatis Medical Center, she meets and befriends Hachimaki, who is recovering from a broken ankle. Hachi is initially unaware of Nono's condition, believing her to be around his age, and is shocked when she reveals her age. Nono explains that her parents live and work on the Moon, and that they learned that Nono's mother was pregnant too late to safely return to Earth. As such, she was born on the Moon.

As a Lunarian, Nono provides medical researchers with a valuable opportunity to study the effects of space habitation sickness. Because of this, she must remain under near-constant examination by specialists at the hospital, and is the subject of frequent medical tests. Always optimistic and cheerful, Nono takes immense pride in her unique position.

Her intense curiosity about the Earth is one of her defining traits, often probing strangers for information about the world, and spends hours photographing the Earth with her camera. She also frequently sneaks out of the hospital through a poorly guarded airlock to play on the lunar surface, and shares this experience with Hachi on his last day at the hospital.


Nono takes Hachi onto the lunar surface.

Later in the series, Nono befriends Gigalt Gangaragash, who has been admitted to the hospital with terminal cancer. Gigalt bestows on her a very poetic and affectionate nickname of "Artemis" (the Greek moon goddess) as she keeps him company. In her final appearance in the anime, she is caught sneaking out of the hospital by a disfigured Hakim. The fateful encounter, their brief conversation about the Earth, and his realization that Nono is a Lunarian leave Hakim visibly conflicted.


  • The idea of people being born on the moon that grow at a different rate was originally from the sci-fi novel 2001: A Space Odyssey. The character Diana Halvorsen was similarly named after the Roman moon goddess.

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