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  • Yes, you heard right! İ’m leaving the wiki to you: it means that İ’ll give you admin and bureaucrat rights and then İ’ll demote myself to only content moderator. Why? Because (as you obviously noticed) İ can’t take care of this wiki because İ’ve several more wikis under my charge, and İ saw you’re more interested on this wiki. Also İ saw this, so whaťs better than letting your adoption request be approved directly by myself? Why you still haven’t the rights? As you can see, İ’m deleting all the unofficial content or moving my personal sandboxes to subpages in the user namespaces and removing full protection over articles before finishing the change of the wiki’s leader. But surely iťll be all done before 21:00 UTC (İ don’t know what time is this in the USA, UTC is 21:00 and in Catalonia is 23:00 with our summer time +2). As İ presume you can understand, the change of our rights (your promotion and my demotion) will be the last thing in all this process, because after my demotion İ won’t be able to do certain things. Please be patient because İ also have other things to do in my real life, but as İ said, tonight (in Europe) will be all done and you’ll be the new user in charge of the wiki. Well, the last thing İ’ll do will be to write on your adoption request that İ grant you the rights after you having them. And maybe İ’ll come here only to edit some personal pages İ’ll keep. Thanks for your help and interest on this wiki!

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  • It is possible for the infoboxes to be readable on Monobook. Edit MediaWiki:Wikia.css and/or MediaWiki:Common.css and you will see:

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