Fee Carmichael is the commander of the debris hauler Toy Box as well as its successor Toy Box 2. Fee is an American who works at ISPV 7's Debris Section, Fiery and outspoken, Fee can come across as abrasive, but this captain-pilot has the interests of her teammates at heart and shows more leadership qualities than her bumbling boss.



She was born in Richmond, Virginia on March 9, to a prominent lawyer.[1]


In March, she graduated from the Faculty of Social Welfare at South Florida State University. In the same month, she later joined Dolph Azalia's Traom Space Development Company.[1]


In April, with the acquisition of Traom, she and Dolph joined Technora. She was initially part of Business Division. In December, she became licensed to pilot lunar craft.[1]


In September, she was transferred to the Debris Section at the ISPV 7 space station.[1]


In December, she became licensed to pilot 2B grade model aerospace craft.[1]


Even more loud and brash than Hachimaki, Fee often becomes violent at others' actions and inactions, but she always means well. Being a heavy (and slightly ashamed) smoker, she has difficulty finding places to indulge her habit in space, as smoking is a strain on life support systems and is thereby restricted to designated smoking rooms. This often makes her quite irritable, especially after all smoking rooms are shut down as the SDF began planting bombs in them. Fortunately, she is able to get around this with an enclosed personal "smoker's seat", although it is prone to inadvertent sabotage. Married with a young son, Fee lives in Florida when not in space, which is not very often. While working with the team, Gigalt gave her the nickname of "Turbolighter".


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