Edelgard Rivera (エーデルガルド・リヴェラ Ēderugarudo Rivu~era?), also known as Edel (エーデル Ēderu?), is the temporary worker, who does the secretarial and clerical duties of the ISPV 7 Debris Section.


She works in the Debris Section in order to complete her studies. Projecting a quiet and professional exterior, she hides a darker past which she wishes to leave behind her.[1] Her nickname from Gigalt is "Hourglass".

Her motivation is to live an independent life and her hobbies include collecting accessories such as Technora's mascot "Nora-kun".[2]



In September, she registered for Morning Career Staff. From then on they would dispatch her as a temp for various companies starting with North Alaska Construction.[2]


In February, she passed her accounting test. In May, she was dispatched to White Foods. In October, she pass her ICT test.[2]


In January, she was dispatched the Debris Section of Technora Corporation's 2nd Division at the ISPV 7 space station.[2]


By the time the Von Braun properly launched, her contract at Technora Corporation ended, but she decided to work as a regular employee in the General Affairs section.


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